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We support you solving misunderstanding, lacking results, conflict, in your team.

Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company, a non-profit, a government agency or an educational institution, the challenges are similar. They nearly always involve people relations. With DiSC tools, your people skills and our available support, you:

  • Compose and support productive teams, that focus on real issues.
  • Develop managers, who are as good with people as with figures.
  • Train a sales force listening to customers and building on what they say.
  • Inspire customer service to contribute to the bottom line with customer care.
  • Ease interpersonal frustrations, or bad feelings, building on difference.
  • Put words on behaviour and challenges so everybody can understand.
  • Facilitate change, providing insight, common language for clarity.
  • Improve productivity, taking out the needless mystery of team performance.
  • Act as a mentor/coach, focusing on business issues, simplifying people issues.

learning partners, beyond DiSC tools

Countless people feel the need for better achievement, mutual understanding, quick buy-in for decisions, without loosing time in endless discussions.

DiSC is a tool: we support clients & users gaining autonomy quickly.

Managers and facilitators count on our experience & support in order to focus on what matters to them. They deliver a non-judgmental experience helping people discuss behavioral differences, without threat. Their people avoid judging each other or making false assumptions about who to trust, and why.

A large benefit in using DiSC: it’s easy to remember, it helps adopting common language and improving a work team, a sales relationship, a leadership position, or any other relationship.

You can become proficient quickly on DiSC for better relations, better results, more fun and better balance. 

We help you using DiSC more effectively

DiSC assessments are used worldwide in thousands of organisations : you might ask yourself: “where should I use DiSC and when  should I call on your support?”

Many challenges we experience in the workplace go unresolved: we searched for a tool, easy to understand, to apply, with lasting learning impact.
Our search helped us understand some of the main challenges in the workplace:

  • Most people have room for improvement in working effectively with others.
  • Amongst those, most have little personal insights into their behavioral strengths / challenges.
  • Many individuals are skeptical they could learn to better relate to others in trainings.
  • A lot of training tools or services lack practical implementation or support.
  • Implementation is often left behind in the training room.

How do I tackle the issue of improving people skills practically?

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