Setting up EPIC 

Setting up your EPIC account helps you best fitting your business needs. The delivery options help administering  the delivery process of the assessment / profile. These settings are useful, especially when you handle a larger group of respondents. Eric shows you how to set up notifications and defaults that will save you time and effort.

Choosing when to send an access code 

You can control when an access code is sent. You can send them right away or schedule them to sent at a later date. If you have a training scheduled for three weeks from now you can cue up the access codes to be sent out in a week.

Another feature allows you to automatically resend access codes to people who have not completed their assessments. You can schedule a reminder to be sent to anyone who has not completed their profile by a certain date.


How to enable future delivery and the auto reminder feature

This feature will not be displayed unless it is activated on the Personal Options>>View Edit Account information screen. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Yes after “Enable future delivery and auto reminder feature for assigning Access Codes.” Don’t forget to Save Changes.)

Steps for assigning delivery dates and reminders to access codes

  1. Under Manage Reports>>Create a New Report/Issue Access Codes, select Delivery and Auto Reminder Feature
  2. Select ‘On this date’ and pick the date and time you want the access codes sent.
    Or select “Send reminder” and pick a date and time you want a reminder email sent to recipients who have not completed their profiles.

Note: You cannot change the content of the email that will be sent as a reminder. It will use the same custom message and custom subject line (if used) that were used in the original email. If you want to change the content of your email for the reminder message, do not use the Auto Reminder option. Use the Resend Respondent Login Information to resend the access code and change your message.

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