Group reports: making the assessment relevant for the group

Providing insight in the group culture and behaviours.

Go to Manage Reports | Create a New Report/Issue Access Codes.

Select the Product Family and Product you want for your report. In this example we’re running a Group Culture Report for people with completed DiSC Classic Profiles.


Clicking Next takes you to a screen where you can choose where to store your report. You’ll see in this example that the report costs 15 credits.


The Report Name feature in the Report Details section provides you with an area to enter text that will be displayed on the front cover of the report, in this case “Regional Team Group – supervisors only.” This area allows a maximum of 50 characters.


Adding participants

Individual reports that you want to use in a group report must be in a Completed status and are selected from the list of eligible products for the group report you are creating. For example, when building a Time Mastery Group Report, the only participants that can be added are those that have completed a Time Mastery Individual Report.

When building a group that allows a variety of individual reports as input (e.g. DiSC Classic Group Culture Report), the add participants area is divided into sections that show the individual reports that are eligible to be used in the creation of the report. Individual reports must be added to the group report one section at a time. In our example we can include anyone who has completed a profile in the DiSC Classic family.


The search results screen that is displayed when retrieving participants for a group report allows you to select a participant in two different ways. You can add an individual name by clicking the check box in the left column of the search results screen and then clicking on the Next button at the bottom of the screen. If you want to include everyone in the search results, click the Select All button at the bottom of the screen.

Removing participants

If you want to remove a participant from your group report during the report creation process, click the Remove link by their name. EPIC will ask for confirmation and then delete the record from that report.


Once the report setup process is complete and you have generated the report, you will have the option to view/print, email or save the report. The email option lets you send the completed report as an attachment to everyone you select as a report recipient. In the example below, one of the report participants and one additional report recipient will receive an email with the group report attached.

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