A Comparison Report is FREE. It is designed to help two people understand where their respective dots are located on the DiSC circumplex and how that impacts their prefered behaviour, how these behaviours compare or differ amongst the two and what it implies.

The create/generate feature should only be used if the comparison report does not exist in your EPIC account. If the report already exists, you should use the Batch Report Generation process to generate the report and download the file.

Go to Manage Your Account | Create a New Report | Create/Generate Comparison Reports

When you begin the batch create and generate process, a warning notice indicates that you are creating new comparison reports each time you use this option. The message can be turned off by checking the Do not display this message checkbox.

Report creation options

There are two options for creating reports:

  • Compare one individual to a group of individuals
  • Compare all members of the group to each other

Once you select one of the options, you will see sections for locating the participants that will be used in the comparison reports. Similar to the process used for selecting participants for group and facilitator reports (see Add participants to a group report) you will use the search function to locate the individuals. Once all of the participants are selected, the system will display all of the comparison pairs that will be created when the Next button is clicked.

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Report pair confirmation page

The confirmation page shows all of the comparison reports that will be created and provides you with the ability to deselect report pairs that you do not want to create./
Report pairs can be excluded by removing the checkmark by the pair name. (Note: this function does not provide the ability to produce half of the pair. For instance, you cannot get the report for Person 1 with Person 2 and not get Person 2 with Person 1. Use theView/Print/Email Completed Reports to work with individual records if you want to produce half of the pair.)

Example: When comparing Person 1 and Person 2 you would get the following reports:

Report PDF 1: Person 1 with Person 2

Report PDF 2: Person 2 with Person 1

Clicking the next button on this page creates the comparison reports.

Report creation confirmation page

The Creation confirmation page displays all of the comparison reports that have been created and provides a status indicating whether the creation process was successful. At this point, you can choose to generate the reports for download by clicking the Next button or go to other sections of EPIC by clicking on the Menu bar. Clicking Next transfers control to the Batch Report Generation process and walks you through the process to generate the reports for download.

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