Steps for creating batch reports

  1. Under Manage Reports>>Batch Functions, select Generate Reports for Download
  2. From the Search screen, select the Product Family and Product for the report and enter other search criteria to help you locate the reports. Note: You can only select one type of Product/Profile in each batch. You cannot mix different products even though they are for the same person since the report options are different for each profile.
  3. From the Search Results screen, select the profiles that you want to include in the batch.
  4. Next, name your batch file (optional – see below) select the options that you want to use for the report generation. For instance if you want certain sections of the report to be omitted, you would select them at this time. Note: The options selected apply to all the reports generated in the batch.
  5. Confirm that you have the proper records selected using the confirmation screen. To exclude a record, remove the checkmark in the Include column.
  6. Submit the batch for generation.

Naming your batch file

To help identify your batch file on the EPIC batch file download page, you can enter your own batch file name. (Note: If you choose not to name your batch, EPIC uses the current date and time to identify your Batch File.)
File name rules: Cannot exceed 50 characters, contain non-English characters or contain any of the following special characters: \ / : * ? ” < > |. You do not need to add a file extension to your batch file name.

Batch reports make administering and scoring DiSC Profiles easier. With a group of people, you can generate all reports at once using a batch generation function available on the EPIC Platform.

The Batch Reports Generation function allows you to generate a group of records in a single process and be notified via email when the batch is ready for download. This function does not print a batch of reports but does create a compressed or zipped file that can be downloaded to your PC. Once the file is downloaded, you can use the printing functions on your PC to print individual profiles or a group of profiles at one time.

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Batch report completion

When you submit the batch for generation, EPIC will provide you with an expected completion time for your batch. You have the option of not continuing with the batch processing if the completion time does not meet your requirements. Completion time estimates are based on other batches that are currently in the system and the number of profiles in your batch.
Once the batch has completed processing, EPIC will send an email to the account administrator listed in the Personal Options section for your account. The EPIC home page will also display a message.


The Batch download message will remain on your EPIC home page until you have deleted all of your batch files or the expiration date for deleting the file has occurred and the system has automatically deleted your batch files.

In addition, the batch file download screen will provide you with a status of your batch.

There are three status indicators:

The batch has been submitted and is waiting to be processed. Depending on the number and size of batches in the system, you could remain in this status for a period of time. The last column has a countdown timer that indicates the expected start time for processing your batch.

The progress meter in the far right column provides the status of your batch and the remaining time until completion. The batch completion time may fluctuate during this phase of the process based on the volume of activity in the system. The batch processor does not speed up the processing of the reports, but does immediately submit another report from your batch for processing as soon as the previous report is completed. Your batch will process in its entirety once it has been submitted for processing.

If a problem occurs during this phase, EPIC will attempt to generate a report/profile three times. If it still cannot be generated, EPIC will mark it as failed and will continue processing the remaining profiles in your batch. The report download page will indicated the number of successful and failed reports in the batch.

Your batch file has completed processing and is available for download. The file has been stored in a compressed format to minimize its size and to speed the download process to your PC. Once you click on the download link, your browser’s download manager will provide help accessing or saving the file to your PC. Since the file is in a compressed format, you will need decompression software on your PC to access the files.

Batch files will be retained on the system for 7 days.

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