Reclaim EPIC Credits when you get no answer from the respondent

How to reclaim EPIC Credits

In EPIC you can Reclaim credits when the assessment you’ve send invitations for is not used. This is both very is useful largely ignored by most EPIC users. When you send out an invitation for a DiSC Assessment, and the person invited declines or has any other reason not to complete the assessment, what happens?

Now that you assigned an access code but the respondent will not be completing the profile, what can you do and how?
Don’t worry, you will not be stuck with an unused, but paid for, profile! Do you lose those credits? No.

You can reclaim credits assigned to people who never completed a profile.

Go to Manage Your Account | Unassign Access Codes/Reclaim Credits.

Your first search criteria will be for Access Code Status = Pending. (You cannot reclaim credits for completed profiles.)

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