How to make profile administration and invitations work easily 

Creating a new report is easy. Have a look a the video on the right to learn how to create Everything DiSC reports with access to This video demonstrates creating Everything DiSC Sales profiles using the new 3-tabbed method for adding Respondents. You can add new respondents manually, using an Excel Sheet or an existing report if your participant has already answered any other everything DiSC questionnaire.

Importing multiple names made easy

Import names and make managing invitations easier and faster. If you have a larger group of participants, it might be easier for you to import their records rather than create then one by one. To access the template, select Manage Reports | Download Import Template from the EPIC toolbar.

This is how EPIC imports multiple names

Download the template to your computer.

The Excel spreadsheet will have a header row and only three fields.

EPIC ignores the header row (Row 1) and begins importing from Row 2. Regardless of the number of rows in your spreadsheet, all three columns in the last row must be left blank for the import to be successful. EPIC also ignores information that is to the right of Column C. You may keep notes in Column D without compromising the import of your information.

  • Column A is for the respondent’s email address
  • Column B is for the respondent’s name
  • Column C is the Yes/No indicator for Viewing the Report

Column C must be populated with a number representing whether the respondent will be able to view their completed report after finishing their response session (1 = view; 0 = no view.)

Once you have the data entered and saved in your spreadsheet, follow the normal Create a New Report/Issue Access Codes process by selecting the profile/report, report options, etc. When you come to the Add Respondents section choose and click on Import from Excel .

Import Errors

The following situations will prevent the spreadsheet from loading:

  • Invalid email addresses
  • Insufficient number of credits in your EPIC account to issue access code(s) for this report
  • An improperly formatted spreadsheet (e.g. using words in Column C instead of a numerical representative, last row not completely blank)

If one of these errors is detected, the import process is stopped. The system will not import a partial list of names, so any error that is encountered will stop the process and names will not be displayed on the Issue Access Codes screen. If this occurs, you need to correct your spreadsheet and retry the import step. Credits are not charged to your account until you finish the import process and click the Assign Access Code button (for individual reports) at the bottom of the screen.

Common question

Can I use a spreadsheet that has first and last names in separate cells?
You’ll need to merge those cells into a single cell.
Microsoft offers instructions on how to do that at How to merge the contents of multiple cells into one cell, via

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