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Getting started with DiSC® for the first time? Whether it’s for a new application, or you have already successfully delivered a professional training experience, DiSC is user friendly. Every year and in many countries around the world, people buy DiSC and use it right out of the box for effective training programs.

We stand for customer support: whatever the question, we’re happy to provide you with answers online, live or by email. We do offer direct facilitation, but mainly in support of our partners or clients, our focus consists in supporting Wiley DiSC and Five Behaviours customers in the marketplace.

DiSC basics

Administering and scoring the DiSC assessment
From purchase to profile completion.

DiSC profile sample reports
Review or compare various DiSC profile individual and group reports.

Frequently asked questions
Brief answers to common questions about administering DiSC, EPIC, and more.

Everything DiSC leadership profiles and resources
More information about Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders, plus additional resources.

EPIC basics

Using the EPIC platform to administer and manage DiSC profiles.
Learn how EPIC provides greater control, customisation, and archival options.

EPIC Quick Start Guide
Get familiar with your EPIC Client Account. Reference a few good tips.

Certification and training support

DiSC certification for trainers
We conduct certification training, as we have received a Master Certification training from Wiley the publisher of Everything DiSC. Certification is required to administer the DiSC Classic or Everything DiSC profiles in Europe, this is not the case in the U.S. and Canada.

Trainer kits this link brings you to the “applications” page: click on an application (i.e. Everything DiSC Workplace) and scroll down to the trainer kit.
Trainer facilitation kits are available for all DiSC profiles and many non-DiSC assessments. Their scripted modules, videos, and other resources help to personalise the content and creste your own specific training program.

Training tips and activities
Ideas for your own training sessions.

DiSC Partners Blog
See our blog for more information about DiSC, training activities, etc.

Certified Facilitators & Coaches
Certified trainers, facilitators, coaches, speakers, or consultants


Add depth to your understanding of DiSC. These are particularly helpful if you’re coaching or mentoring someone.

8 Dimensions of Leadership: DiSC Strategies for Becoming a Better Leader
The 8 Dimensions of Leadership helps you identify your primary leadership dimension and ways to become a multi-dimensional leader. Great to use with new and experienced managers, 360 reviews, and in coaching relationships.

The Work of Leaders: How Vision, Alignment, and Execution Will Change the Way You Lead
The Work of Leaders distills leadership best practices into a simple, compelling process that helps leaders at all levels get immediate results.

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