Everything DiSC Certification for Trainers, what is that?

Everything DiSC Certification equips trainers and facilitators with new skills. You get an immersion in the Everything DiSC model and the newest DiSC related research as well as in-depth knowledge of Everything DiSC applications.

In the Everything DiSC Certification workshop you learn to match the most appropriate DiSC assessments and reports to a spèecific context, getting solution-based training outcomes. You will consider supplemental DiSC reports, helping employees communicate with impact and build stronger relationships . They will use additional styles and behaviors, going beyond their natural preferences and behaviors, adopting more effective ones.

Why Everything DiSC Certification?

There is no obligation for coaches and trainers to complete an Everything DiSC Certification.

However, by doing so, you gain proficiency in interpreting profiles and delivering training with the facilitation kits that complete the assessments. Choose to deliver more consistent quality and best practice application of the concepts included in the kit.

Everything DiSC Certification equips you with the newest research, showcases your commitment to best practices, excellence and innovation. Your knowledge together with the validated and user friendly tools, provides you with an unmatched versatility in crafting solutions for a wide variety of organisational issues.

By understanding the DiSC behavioral model –  the history of its development (validity/ reliability/ profiles administration process) and how to interpret the results of the DiSC Classic and Everything DiSC Circumplex based profiles (the profiles with a circular graph), you learn how to help others increase their emotional intelligence and behavioral adaptability: as a result, they respond quickly and more effectively to changing situations.

learning partners int exclusively uses Wiley behavioral assessments and profiles in Everything DiSC Certification and training.

In our opinion, these profiles are the most validated and reliable DiSC products on the market for one simple reason: Wiley is leading research and development in behavioral sciences for the workplace and has published validation reports for its profiles.

Are you an independent consultant or facilitator?
Please keep this in mind: Everything DiSC Certification is your first step, in order to succeed, we suggest you undertake more:

  • Know your market, your partners and your clients (internal or external)
  • Have substantial experience within human resources and organisational development
  • Possess a sharply developed sense of professionalism and ethics
  • Set the pace for training and development trends by going beyond the obvious
  • Enjoy training and coaching others
  • Be ready to make a difference with our Everything DiSC world class solutions

We can help you.

What do I get with Everything DiSC Certification?

Choice: between on-site, online or blended certification. Whether you are a coach, facilitator or trainer or HR professional, we match your needs. For example, on-site DiSC Certification involves a two day intensive programme. You learn to train others on DiSC.

This practical workshop, equips you with skills on the following topics:

  • Background: introduction to DiSC history, theory, DiSC Classic and Everything DiSC profiles.
  • Validity: the research behind the tools and validation reports.
  • Application: facilitation material, your own and other’s behavioral patterns.
  • Resources: the tools, Facilitation Kits and online EPIC platform.

Blended learning tools, such as video, PowerPoint overheads, compelling participant handouts, cases, exercises and workshop outlines, help you better learn how to facilitate specific outcomes and how to use the range of DiSC-based tools and insights in your own training.

You can also choose to go for an online Wiley Everything DiSC Workplace Certification. This interactive learning platform delivered certification is flexible and offers a good alternative for those with time constraints.

In all cases we love to help you, don’t hesitate to contact us

I just got certified, what do I do now?

With certification, you gain access to the online profile management platform EPIC and our support interpreting profiles or designing content.

Optional trainer kits exist with almost all profiles and assessments: this Everything DiSC applications page recalls which applications you can choose amongst and helps you decide which one to use with your client.

There is more: discover some additional reports that can complete your DiSC learning experience:


How to get started after an Everything DiSC Certification

First get used to the learning material.

We suggest you explore each assessment and profile, by printing a free sample profile from your EPIC online system, as well as the optional companion facilitation kit if you bought one.

The kit remains without obligation when you purchase DiSC profiles, yet it really add value, helping you gaining time by speeding the development of learning content and pushing the learning with DiSC one step further.

The Everything DiSC or DiSC Classic Facilitation Kits help you providing compelling insights into respondent’s and group’s behavioral preferences. You can initiate deep discussions on how people can adapt to others in various settings (workplace, sales, management, leadership or 360 assessment).

Bottom line: you can deliver memorable workshops much faster than if you were to develop the training material and workshop outlines by yourself.

Practically, with DiSC Certification, you acquire new skills that will help you to:

  • Become proficient in DiSC application, administration and reporting in your workplace;
  • Give compelling presentations on DiSC theory and use/adapt content you find in various DiSC facilitation kits;
  • Understand validity, reliability and norms for DiSC Classic/ Everything DiSC profiles;
  • Develop your people-reading skills and transfer these to learners;
  • Plan and run training using the Everything DiSC training kit components.

The bottom line for you as a HR professional, DiSC facilitator or coach is:

  • You have better access to insights around our bestselling DiSC assessments,
  • They are tested for validity and reliability and used by over 45 million people.
  • Leverage the online assessment-delivery system with efficient features for customer management on your screen (EPIC),
  • Benefit from unlimited support from us, as long as you purchase your profiles with us.
  • The support you get from us, comes from a partner committed solely on Wiley Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessment, profiles and facilitation kits.
  • You have access to volume based pricing on all our products.

Everything DiSC Certification is not mandatory:
why should I choose it and what is my benefit?

Why reinvent the wheel? We have been working since more than 10 years with DiSC profiles around the globe and have gathered a huge experience with many people and situations.

Why spend money and time squaring circles? When you go through a DiSC certification training, we help you practically apply the content to personal and leadership development, teamwork, relationship issues, sales situations and negotiation. With the newly acquired skills, you can deliver learning or advice with confidence, because you gained:

  1. Professionalism, by using a profile and facilitation system matching corporate standards.
  2. Credibility, using a profile that is validated and constantly updated.
  3. High quality relationships with customers, and longer term business.
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