Effective collaboration using DiSC: eliminate much of the needless mystery, misunderstanding, and conflict that prevents teams from doing so


Effective collaboration using DiSC is about using personality assessment tools in order to better understand your self and others. As a result, collaboration and teamwork are likely to improve due to better relationships. But what is DiSC?

DiSC is an assessmenta tool that works like a mirror: you observe your own behavioral style and measure attributes, which are aspects of your personality. The DiSC profile report illustrates preferred behavior patterns.

DiSC is a facilitation system for trainers and coaches. While the profile tells more about your behavior and preferences, the facilitation system helps building a learning experience around and with the profile.

Used well, the profiles and facilitation systems help people gain insight in their own behavior. They also learn more about how their behavior impacts others and possible need for change. Relations become easier to handle and more rewarding: in a group setting, people can focus on business outcomes and achieve effective collaboration using DiSC.

DiSC assessments help Human Resources professionals, managers, and workplace experts improving the workplace:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Communicate effectively
  • Develop management skills
  • Effectively manage conflict
  • Broaden leadership perspectives
  • Create greater team cohesion
  • Create harmonious organizations; and effective collaboration using DiSC
Why use DiSC?

How hard is it for you and your co-workers to work well together?

Whatever the case, you need to be aware of your behavior and the impact you have on your work relationships. DiSC assessments make this easy. This is how you build effective collaboration using DiSC.

The DiSC model describes behaviors that are easily recognizable in other people. You develop a better understanding of your own needs and behavior, and can also build a deep understanding of the people around you, their unique needs and why they behave the way they do.

Numerous organisations – large and small – have transformed their workplace environment through DiSC assessments and support from disc-partners. They now work effectively together and enjoy doing so.

The one important thing you want to know about any tool used to profile your team members is validity and reliability. For that reason, disc-partners exclusively uses instruments developed by Wiley. They offer a non judgemental, easy and memorable way to label and speak about behaviour

Wiley is the world’s leading publisher of DiSC assessments and accompanying training programs. Over 30 years ago, they pioneered the creation of the first commercially available version of DiSC—bringing it out of the textbook and into the workplace. Today, solution-focused products have been used worldwide in thousands of organisations of all sizes, major government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. Wiley is truly “The Source of Everything DiSC.

DiSC & disc

So you thought DiSC is just disc. Well, it’s not that simple!

There are a number of significant differences between the Everything DiSC assessment and other disc tools available in the marketplace:

A complete learning process. Unlike many other solutions available, our family of Everything DiSC tools focuses on the complete learning process, providing an assessment instrument, in-depth profile report, but also many follow-up tools that take learners even deeper into understanding themselves and others. In addition, each comprehensive product package is completely customizable for presence facilitation and includes additional learning platforms to keep the learning from DiSC alive.

Research validated and easily accessible. The uncompromising focus on research and validity ensures that the feedback and insight our tools provide are as accurate and reliable as possible. Each profile report tells a story that the learner can easily connect with and take action immediately to put the insights and strategies into practice. We also keep this story simple while offering rich content that learners can understand and remember.

CAT questionsAdvanced testing methodology. Most other DISC-related tools on the market are still using some variation of Wiley’s first attempt to measure the assessment created by William Marston: a 24-item, forced-choice (most/least) questionnaire. With modern advancements in psychometrics, these paper-and-pencil-type measurements are now very outdated. In addition, a few of the available disc tools use even fewer items than Wiley’s original, which greatly impact the tool’s quality.

The Everything DiSC family of tools uses a five-point Likert response scale and Computer Adaptive Testing (AT), an iterative methodology that successively selects and presents subsequent questions based on a learner’s response to previous ones. This type of tailored testing increases the precision of the assessment instrument and, ultimately, the results. Wiley is the first and continue to be one of the only assessment developers and publishers with DISC-related tools on the market to use Adaptive Testing.

Ongoing research. Most other DISC providers continue to use three graphs to represent the learner’s assessment results, claiming that the first and second graphs measure adaptive and natural behavior. This is a myth. Years ago, when some of the data looked to point that way we believed this to be true. However, upon further data collection Wiley discovered this explanation to be false. This finding is backed by The British Psychological Society. In the early 90s, the Society performed its own validation study on the 24-item discquestionnaire and concluded that graph one and two were measuring nothing more than different views of self-perception. Current disc providers continuing to make this assertion are working with outdated and unsupported facts.

Your advantage

Effective collaboration using DiSC is only one of the benefits in choosing to work with Wiley DiSC® and support from disc-partners: People are different


Wiley guarantees the validity and reliability of our profiles. You can find all the information in a comprehensive research report, which is openly shared with anyone who would like to read it. All DiSC profiles are released with research to back their validity. Find out more about Research here.


The questionnaire used to take the Everything DiSC assessments uses computer adaptive testing. With Adaptive Testing (AT), a respondents’ answers determine the next questions they’re given. With this technology, a person’s Everything DiSC profile is 32% more accurate than Wiley’s DiSC Classic profile.

Easier to understand

Everything DiSC profiles use a circumplex (circular) model to pinpoint your DiSC style. It’s simple and intuitive to understand. The traditional way of representing DiSC, is a line graph (this format is used in our DiSC Classic profiles). With Everything DiSC we have a dot representing a person’s DiSC style on the DiSC map.

Application-based profiles

Everything DiSC profiles are designed to be easily applied. That’s why they come in five different applications: management, sales, leadership, 360 and workplace communication. Application-based profiles help participants see the immediate relevance of DiSC to their field, activity or profession.

Highly adaptable

A DiSC profile is all but rigid. With Everything DiSC, your profile is compatible with the next: participants’ results can be shown across different applications without fully retaking the questionnaire. Profiles can be printed in sections and allow control over how much information participants receive at any one time. Even the name of the profiles can be relabelled to match the name of the program you are running.

Free comparisons

Choose any two people who have completed an Everything DiSC profile, and generate a comparison report for no extra cost. These comparison reports highlight the similarities and differences between the two participants, identifying the possible roadblocks and benefits of working with each other. The companion website MyEverythingDiSC.com even allows participants to invite each other for a compatrison profile, relieving you from the administration.

Fast, efficient administration

Certification training also provides you with access to our highly-advanced online profiling management system allowing you to easily manage participant reports, generate pair and group reports, reclaim unused credits and track all your activity to name a few.

Knowledge and Experience

We have been distributors of DiSC for 10 years. Through our knowledge and experience we have been improving workplaces across Switzerland and beyond from small organisations to some some of large corporations. Our team has a close relationship with the developers of DiSC and actively participate in the development of the Everything DiSC range of products in the market.

Exceptional support

i-guide We pride ourselves on delivering a high level service to our customers. Our fully dedicated support team are here to help you with any product and technical support as well as great advice on running your own DiSC workshops.

Memorable results
The assessment instrument and the profile results are designed to be easy to understand and recall your behavioral style and insights. The writing is engaging and the visuals are memorable. Facilitation resources are available to guide and reinforce learning.

Ease of administration
Many consultants and trainers choose to become certified DiSC trainers, Facilitation kits are available for all DiSC assessments. With online profiles, the EPIC Administrator Account electronically scores all assessments, allowing to run the reports you need, inserting your own branding on all reports.

DiSC made easy

Here’s an interesting development in DiSC learning, its not a product, but an online product platform.

EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Centre) provides a simple way to gain total administrative control over your DiSC profiling. You can customise your Everything DiSC profiles with the ability to remove or rearrange pages, customise the report title to match your training program, or print selected sections only. DiSC online has never been more simple or effective. Your teams can concentrate on business and work effectively together.

EPIC allows you to deliver all your online DiSC profiles by administering access codes via email that allow you and your team members to complete the assessments online. EPIC also enables you to promote your company or department by featuring your logo and contact information on-screen and in print via sample profiles.

Learn more about EPIC here.

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