The DiSC® Classic assessment and profile

The original DiSC® learning tool was developed by Inscape over 30 years ago. Though many who work with our programs have migrated to the current Everything DiSC® solutions, DiSC® Classic continues to be a practical and prominent tool for personal and professional development. DiSC Classic uses three graphs that measure a respondent’s scores. Ever since we introduced our first DiSC profile more than 30 years ago, practitioners have debated the meaning of the graphs. Today, interpretations of the graphs are almost as plentiful as imitations of our original Personal Profile that started it all.

DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile: delivered electronically, provides user-friendly, narrative-driven feedback.

DiSC Group Culture Profile: more insight into collective behaviour and the impact this may have.

DiSC Classic features Profile includes:

  • a 28-item forced choice questionnaire;
  • a graphs illustration of results;
  • a paper or online version;

The main advantage of the DiSC Classic test and profile is the number of languages available. Nonetheless, the Everything DiSC application based are more than 30% more accurate, simply because the technology has evolved and the research has too. DiSC Classic remains very useful in many regions where Everything DiSC has not been translated yet.

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Historically, DiSC Classic also used to offer companion facilitation kits, in many languages, that would offer facilitators the possibility to run DiSC workshops with compelling content, including videos clips. The new Everything DiSC application focused facilitation kits offer more specific content in which people can recognise themselves easily.

The DiSC Classic facilitation kits are not offered for purchase anymore since they are now replaced by their more actual application based Everything DiSC counterparts. You can enjoy consulting some of the Classic video clips and see for yourself that the principles put forward are still valid today.

Pure Styles

Pure Styles. You’ll meet four characters who represent the four DiSC styles. The characters provide an overview about their behaviour and describe their goals, fears, preferred environment, and response to conflict. Please be aware you will only rarely witness pure styles in the real world.

People almost always behave according to their natural style, which involves a mix, specific to that person, of all four DiSC styles. The four actors playing pure style, play their own, real style.

Team meeting

The Meeting. You’ll see a team in conflict, obviously, they are experiencing some challenges in understanding each other.

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