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Discover how to choose your DiSC assessment. 

DiSC is an assessment, a profile and complete facilitation system for Managers, Teams, HR, trainers and coaches. Two product families co-exist: Everything DiSC and DiSC Classic. Both tremendously help you designing and running tailored learning. Both product families provide compelling insight in business and interpersonal situations. We help you choose your DiSC assessment, amongst a more generic and broad learning system (DiSC Classic), and a more focused, application based learning system (Everything DiSC). This page describes the differences between the two product families.

 Everything DiSC Profiles  DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile
Application specific, comprehensive & customisable The original, broad usage, many translations
Best used when
  • You have specific training goals around teamwork, sales, management, or leadership.
  • You need to assess a group or pairs of individuals and wish to have access to comparison reports and follow-up tools.
  • Multiple languages are a must: 28 languages are available in DiSC Classic 2.0
  • You need paper profiles for people
    lacking computer access.
  • You’ve already used this profile successfully.
Online or paper? Profiles available online Profiles available in paper and online
Questions and scoring
  • Computerised adaptive testing
  • 80-item questionnaire (approximately)
  • Scored on 8 scales
  • 32% more accurate than DiSC Classic
  • 28-item forced choice questionnaire
  • Scored on 4 scales
Time to complete 15-20 minutes 10-15 minutes
Scoring method Computer adaptive profile results: DiSC circle model, showing relationships between individuals. Straightforward & visual Automatic online results for DiSC Classic 2.0 and DiSC Classic 2.0 Plus. Manual paper scoring for DiSC Classic.
Reporting Individual reports delivered and managed online, including the DiSC Group Facilitator, Team View, Group Culture and Comparison Reports.

Samples: WorkplaceSalesManagementWork of LeadersLeadership 363, and Leadership 363 coaching supplement

Individual reports are available in paper or online formats.

DiSC Group Facilitator Report, Group Culture Report and the Team View Report are only available online.View sample

Facilitation Tools Application-specific facilitation kits include video and customisable PowerPoint presentations. General purpose facilitation kits include video and customisable PowerPoint presentations.
Trainer Certification Certification is recommended but not required Certification is recommended but not required
Products DiSC Classic Profile

  • DiSC Classic paper
  • DiSC Classic 2.0 Online
  • DiSC Classic 2.0 Plus Online
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