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Everything DiSC®  is a psychometric behavioral assessment tool that measures an individual’s behavioural style. The research-validated model helps individuals understanding themselves and others, building more effective working relationships, based on an understanding of their different needs, priorities and communication styles.

When you increase understanding of yourself and others on a team, people save time and energy, which enhances engagement, reduces conflict and improves performance. Everything DiSC is used by millions globally each year to improve individual and team performance.

Everything DiSC workshops : Your safe bet for better results

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    SIMPLE AND MEMORABLE: Learners carry the four styles out of the workshop and can immediately infuse the ideas into their work. Using the online website they learn more, get quick effects and lasting results. 
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    APPLICATION FOCUS: Each Wiley Everything DiSC test and profile is application-focused, so the feedback is presented to you as a leader, manager, individual contributor, or sales person. The narrative and feedback is presented in a easy going manner and matches the context of the respondent.
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    FUN: The trainer kit used by your facilitator has high quality and compelling design. It is also fun thanks to professional videos, role-plays and its interactive approach. It helps to get the best out of your DiSC test and profile.
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    ENGAGING WORKSHOP: When an organization runs an Everything DiSC® workshop, the facilitator can feel confident that participants will be delighted throughout the entire event. The learning will be both engaging and enlightening-every time.
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    AHA'S  THAT RESONATE: Typical workshop quotes: “Have you been following me around?” and “This is very accurate.” The insights and aha moments that ripple through an Everything DiSC® training session are no accident. They rely on a model of human nature that’s been rigorously tested and proven over the last fourty years.
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    CONVERSATION CATALYST: Everything DiSC enables conversations about sensitive topics due to non-judgmental language. It easily dissolves the filters and silos that stifle honest, supportive conversations at work.

Everything DiSC is RESEARCH VALIDATED AND accurate

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. one of the leading publishing companies, were the first publisher of a DiSC assessment, now using twenty-first century technology, called adaptive testing, to deliver the highest levels of validity, reliability and accuracy ever achieved. Most variations of the DISC assessment on the market still use a flavor of the original 24-item, forced-choice questionnaire first developed by John Cleaver in the 1950’s.

Everything DiSC offers a complete and flexible solution EASIER TO USE AND TO REMEMBER

A Foundation of research, yet accessible to all

Advanced Testing for increased accuracy

EVERYTHING DiSC addresses the complete learning process

Interactive mobile-friendly follow up learning portal

a Fast en Efficient profile administration platform 

Support from experienced and knowledgeable people 


A friendly partner

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