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Professional services and support on any Everything DiSC,
DiSC Classic or Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team product


Benefit from the experience we gained in the field. Use our valued support.

Interpretation support: interpreting a DiSC profile is easy, yet there is so much to discover. We have been using Wiley DiSC tools since years and are more than willing to share our learning.

Content design: Most trainer kits can be used out of the box, the facilitator should nevertheless carefully prepare the workshop. S/He needs to adapt to the context and people who participate. We run often workshops and can offer a lot of insight.

Facilitation support: sometimes you would just like to have the experienced people run a workshop. We can co-facilitate or facilitate any workshop involving one of the Wiley products with or for you.

Co-implementation learning services

Custom designed learning workshops in Team Alignment, Management, Leadership, Sales and Self Management, using the Wiley DiSC and Five Behaviour of a Cohesive Team content.

We help people improve how they work together, sell, manage direct reports or how they lead. Our credo: learning with a business purpose. We are a mobile, focused group of experienced professionals who provide key services to leaders and mid-level managers.

Our value proposition is about co-implementation, you have the specific business experience, we support your teams in working better together.


Get certified

With certification, Facilitators, Consultants, Managers and HR professionals become autonomous on Wiley DiSC products.

Certification used to be mandatory on Wiley Workplace Learning products. That’s no longer true.

Certification is a choice now, which determines how proficient you wish to be, on the Wiley products, in a short time frame. Gain from our experience, keep focus on your business challenges, the people involved and the learning insights you would like to pass on to them.

Certification can happen both on site and on-line. Our services and support make sure you keep on feeling comfortable using DiSC.

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