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I am a DiSC trainer, I need practical advice

Here's what most trainers are looking for and why:

  1. Quality facilitation content that is memorable, easy to understand and use: why ? To make sure you address your clients learning needs with content that helps you steer the workshop towards desired outcomes, i.e. using experiential learning.
  2. Certification to ensure engaging facilitation: why? It helps you getting started rapidly and it equips you withthe right knowledge and skills.
  3. Operational and product support: why ? You wish to focus on your clients, their challenges, not the content.

Trainer | Everything DiSC Facilitation kit

5 reasons explain why Everything DiSC offers the leading test: it comes complete with facilitation content: 

  1. Our first DiSC assessment was created over 40 years ago. Ever since the research validated assessment has improved.
  2. Everything DiSC is research based, Wiley has published many research reports, and comparisons with some of the most respected tests in the industry, such as NEO PI and 16PF.
  3. Everything DiSC benefits from ​an advanced assessment technology (adaptive testing) that aims to eliminate social bias.
  4. It only takes about 15 min to complete the test and get a highly personalized DiSC profile report.
  5. The facilitation kit and material is engaging, precise, useful and fun (experiential learning including videos, quizz, challenges).

DiSC Trainer : ​Find the available facilitation kits in the shop

Everything DiSC Certification
Ensures mastery and engaging facilitation

As more and more organizations experience the benefits of Everything DiSC, they are recognizing the value of having an internal certified facilitator who can keep DiSC® alive in their company. Our certification courses put knowledge directly in the hands of the DiSC trainer or facilitator, helping them build confidence and competence in delivering Everything DiSC.

While certification is not a requirement to bring Everything DiSC solutions to your organization, completing a certification course equips you with a proven level of capability and knowledge in Everything DiSC profiles and research. You can choose a course that meets your preferred mode of learning: choose amongst online learning, presenter led certification completed by an online preparation or 1:1 presence learning, optionally preceded by online learning.

​As a certified DiSC trainer, you will:

  • Gain expertise in the Everything DiSC model and supporting research
  • Discover and apply Everything DiSC Workplace reports to daily interactions
  • Customize your DiSC Workplace program to meet specific participant needs
  • Navigate challenging scenarios during a workshop or coaching session
  • Create strategies to promote a DiSC-based working culture
  • Explore MyEverythingDiSC utilize it as an ongoing development tool

 Discover some of the workshops you could be facilitating

After DiSC certification | disc partners product support

Just after the certification workshop, you receive:

  • Your certificate within 7 days.
  • Your personal access to the EPIC profile management platform within 24h.
  • You are referenced on our list of facilitators and join the network.

We are always available for help

  1. Personalization support of your facilitation material.
  2. Facilitation kits (sold in the online shop), purchasing one is not mandatory. 

In your facilitation kit you will find (click to see them in the Shop):

  • A Leader’s Guide (outline plus complete facilitation script) - Word®document;
  • A PowerPoint®  presentation with embedded video for easier facilitation and to bring up discussion;
  • Stand-alone, menu-driven DiSC and behavior related video sequences, which can be used for coaching;
  • Participant handouts in MS Word - they can be fully personalized, just like the presentation and leaders' guide;
  • Online resources and research reports;
  • Everything DiSC Workplace Style Guides (for 25 participants);
  • Everything DiSC Workplace Interaction Guides (for 25 participants).

You're not alone, ​as a certified DiSC trainer, we help kickstart your facilitation or coaching practice:

  • Outline and review your Powerpoint presentation, as well as participant handouts;
  • Help you prepare your first training so you feel confident with the tool and facilitating the group towards desired outcomes;
  • You can choose to be shadowed during your first workshop with the group as a DiSC facilitator.

Ongoing Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors product support and advice is granted: contact us to take the next step

Everything DiSC? Five Behaviors? Decide right.

Your challenge: finding the right personality assessment and learning content. Ask for help, and make an informed decision: we offer facts, field experience and product insight, even if that means you might not purchase. With our help, you focus your clients, they are important.