Senior leader

Discover DiSC survey for senior managers and leaders

From vision to implementing strategy

As senior leader, my main interest is to ensure that strategy gets implemented. Clarity is abundant, We avoid needless misunderstanding. Furthermore, implementation either not happening or in an iterative mode that prevents results from being achieved is not an issue in our team.

​I focus on:

  1. Vision
  2. Team Alignment (clarity and agreement)
  3. Disciplined execution
senior leader

As a senior leader, I envision, gain buy-in for my strategy and secure implementation

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Create and share a clear vision

Select the appropriate DiSC survey & training content available, to contribute to making the vision happen.

  • Operational team
  • Senior MGT team
  • Curbing conflict
  • Time management

Let's strengthen the Senior management team with...

- Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

- Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders

- Everything DiSC Workplace, if they need to learn more about each other as a group

- Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, if the team members depend on each other for results

- Everything DiSC Productive Conflict, if consensus is complicated and conflict unproductive

- Everything DiSC Workplace

Choose the right training partner

Make sure you choose highly skilled professionals, who understand what you are going through. Before being consultants, trainers and facilitators, we used to be Senior Managers in corporate environments. We understand your concerns and will provide the support you need to deal with your situation. You can count on our total discretion and confidentiality.  

We are: 

  • Master certified and highly experienced which makes us effective partners to support your efforts.
  • Business oriented, solution driven, engaging and inspiring.
  • We can guarantee rapid and visible results.

Discuss strategic issues

We make sure: 

  • You are clearly understood
  • You have a clear visibility on the training options and DiSC survey
  • You get an offer adapted to your need

We choose together

  • The workshop that will meet your desired outcomes and needs
  • The facilitator who best understands you and your team
  • The training configuration (on site, off site, blended, online) that fits your time frame and setup.

Team efficiency: get the most of your team training

Before the training: 

  • We explore and discuss together your situation and the training purpose.
  • We help you to set a SMART objective and measurement criteria.
  • Your facilitator sends access codes to participants so they can pass the DiSC survey to prepare for the DiSC training.

During the training:

  • The facilitator hands each participant a personalized DiSC profile report.
  • The facilitator delivers a training, using the profile and coaches your team for field behavior adjustment and best practice.
  • We all make sure the Workshop stays purpose and application driven, focused on your team's improvement areas.

After the training: you keep on learning, become autonomous in using DiSC, applying the principles and ensuring progress. 

Everything DiSC? Five Behaviors? Decide right.

Your challenge: finding the right personality assessment and learning content. Ask for help, and make an informed decision: we offer facts, field experience and product insight, even if that means you might not purchase. With our help, you focus your clients, they are important.