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DiSC personality theory: how disc works

The DiSC® Model of Behavior was first proposed in 1928 by William Moulton Marston. He never created a psychological instrument to measure his model. He wrote the DiSC personality theory, the assessment has been created by others later on. Amongst them were Walter Vernon Clarke, John Cleaver and John Geier.

The contemporary understanding of DiSC incorporates some core principles advanced by Marston as well as additions and changes brought by advances in psychological measurement and theory.

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The 2 dimensions of human behavior

  • level of activity
  • level of acceptance
  • Stretch your mind

What does stretching your mind with DiSC mean?

When going from DiSC theory to practice, you discover the notion of “stretch”. The DiSC circle is continuous. Your style is your home base or comfort zone: imagine the effort it takes to adapt to other people.

How do you stretch within DiSC?

Here’s an example: someone with a preference for the C style may be comfortable working alone on analytical projects that require accuracy. At times, however, this person may be called on to mingle with strangers at a professional function. S/he is being asked to stretch across the circle toward the i style. If your preference towards the C style comes from a dot close to the center of the circle, you will probably find this mingling distasteful, but manageable. Someone with a C style and a dot located on the edge of the circle is more likely to find this mingling highly stressful. 

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How does your dot relate to stretch in DiSC?

As a general rule, people with dots located close to the center usually find it easier to adopt “foreign” DiSC styles when the situation calls for it. People whose dots are on the edge of the circle may have to stretch more (and experience more stress) when they try to adopt the behavior from another style. 

Discover Everything DiSC:  Why people skills are so important

Interview with Julie Straw, VP Everything DiSC

Our workplaces are undergoing change at an unprecedented rate: automation, disruption, and innovation can make it difficult to keep up. In the midst of uncertainty and change, organizations need to pay attention to their main most valuable resource: their people. Discover how Everything DiSC contributes to making the workplace a better place.

The four quadrants in a DiSC Profile map

  • DomInance
  • Influence
  • steadiness
  • Conscientiousness

Preference for the D Style, or Dominance

A person with a preference for the “D” style places emphasis on
accomplishing results, achieving the bottom line, showing confidence

Human behaviour involves a mix of the four styles, that blend in to a unique personality. Style is influenced by experience, culture and environment.

Observable behavior

  • Sees the big picture
  • Can be blunt
  • Accepts challenges
  • Gets straight to the point

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"Participants could immediately put into concrete action what they learned, and managed to improve quickly their efficiency becoming better at planning, anticipating and sharing their time not only on daily business issues but also on more strategic and managerial issues.

I can say that the managers who participated to this programme have a better conscience of their role, more tools to perform, and have more impact on their job and their team."

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