DiSC certification: For HR, facilitators, coach & consultants

​Certification puts competence directly in the hands of the manager, HR professional, coach, facilitator, trainer or coach

DiSC certification: Strengthen your expertise in DiSC

DiSC certification is increasingly considered by organisations, realising the value of having internal certified professionals keeping DiSC® alive in their company.

With certification you put knowledge directly in the hands of the coach, HR professional, experienced facilitators, consultants running projects or accompanying managers. Certification helps building confidence and competence in delivering Everything DiSC and creating a DiSC-based culture.

​The certification is not a mandatory requirement, but helps you acquire an effective level of capability and knowledge in DiSC profiles, the DiSC model and how to apply in the field. In addition, you can choose a certification program that meets your preferred mode of learning.

​3 ways to achieve your goals

  • online open course
  • Face 2 face Open course
  • in-house 

Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification in-house with a group or 1:1

The certification in-house is delivered in your location or online with people from your company only. 

The primary purpose is to gain access to the next level:

  1. Increase confidence and competence in delivering Everything DiSC Workplace®, to your in-house facilitators, trainers, or managers and HR professionals.
  2. More flexibility on the subjects addressed and their timing in the workshop schedule​.  And a complete focus on your specifics and company or group culture.

This in-house version of the certification program is a two-day workshop, preceded by online pre-work on the Wiley learning platform. In-house DiSC certification is live facilitated and based upon rigorous new content. This content is about the principles of the DiSC model and supporting research.

disc certification syllabus inhouse workshop disc partners

DiSC certification in-house is a blended learning program with self-directed activities and a two-day live facilitated workshop in your offices, or a multi phased 1 : 1 delivery with facilitated sessions and subsequent coaching. Upon successful completion of the on-site workshop, you will receive the credential of Certified Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator

​Schedules and upcoming workshops

The DiSC certification programs you find on this page are geared toward individuals who wish to or currently work with Everything DiSC in their organization​. It concerns people who want to obtain a higher level of expertise. If you are an independent coach, trainer, or consultant interested in offering Everything DiSC solutions to your clients, the disc certification happens as described in the in-house tab just above. Feel free to contact us anytime with requests for information or questions you might have. We love answering questions about DiSC certification and will not disturb you with sales calls.

  • online open course
  • face 2 face open course
  • in-house workshop

DiSC certification in-house workshop schedules

Certification programs in-house offer most flexibility.

By definition, they happen when and where you decide.

Even the certification program offers some flexibility as to the focus and time of the differents sessions that make up the program, depending on how you wish to proceed with DiSC and learning in your organisation. For more information and setting a schedule that fits you, please contact us

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