DiSC style : what is a comparison report ?

The Everything DiSC Comparison Report goes together with any of the Everything DiSC profiles that you already know : workplace, sales, management or work of leaders. The comparison report is an additional 11-page free report you can generate on the myeverythingdisc.com website. The myeverythingdisc.com website is accessible to any person who has already done any Everything DiSC profile, and it’s a free supplement. It provides further insight, helping you to understand others, and your own DiSC profile better. If you have never seen myeverythingdisc.com, ask your Everything DiSC Authorized Partner (yes, that’s us).

In order to generate a comparison profile on myeverythingdisc.com, you need two individuals, otherwise, there is nothing to compare. Once you invite a colleague on the platform to generate a comparison report, each individual receives a personal report comparing their respective preferences. The report reminds them of their results on their respective DiSC assessments and provides specific information about how their preferences compare to each other. This comparison is presented through both visual and narrative explanations.

If you manage DiSC reports for your organization, you can also run Comparison Reports through your EPIC administrator account. This requires an EPIC administrator account or a myeverythingdisc.com access for the two individuals wishing to compare their respective DiSC styles.

In your Everything DiSC comparison report you will find traits compared, including at least six of these pairs:

  • Daring vs. Careful
  • Soft-spoken vs. Forceful
  • Calm vs. Energetic
  • Tactful vs. Frank
  • Skeptical vs. Accepting
  • Accommodating vs. Strong-willed
  • Patient vs. Driven
  • Private vs. Outgoing
  • Lively vs. Reserved

Imagine two colleagues who are frequently in conflict. Alternatively, imagine a manager who gets a new direct report or two people that have been asked to work together on a new project. All these examples illustrate situations where the Everything DiSC Comparison Report can prove its worth.

Comparison Report recipients are asked to consider this question for each trait pair: “How do your differences affect your relationship or your ability to work together effectively, and what could you do to make improvements?”

Tips are provided for working more effectively with the other person being profiled. These are very specific and are a great way to initiate discussions around issues that might be harder to address outside this formal structured report.

Comparison Reports can be run for pairs only since they compare two individuals and their behavioral preferences. Alternatively, many of our clients run reports for groups, where they compare more than two individuals. Here, the Group Culture Report helps you understand the needs, goals, fears, emotions, and behaviors within a group’s culture. It does not show participant names and is designed to be distributed to participants for training and group discussion.

DiSC comparison reports : helpful when used in coaching


DiSC continua scale on daring


tips for working with another disc styleEverything DiSC Profiles are often used in counseling situations, self-development, life coaching, job coaching, and more. The report can be very revealing of possible stressors for a relationship. The example above highlights an obvious one. It provides a way of addressing issues without judgment since DiSC does not value one personal style over another.

Sample Everything DiSC Comparison Reports

Sample Comparison Report (A to B) (PDF File)