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Busting 6 Myths About DISC In 3 Minutes

disc myths busted

DiSC is a great tool to learn more about yourself, how you perceive others, how they perceive you and how to improve the effectiveness of your relations. Unfortunately, there are some disc myths and disc misuses that make you less effective using DiSC if you get misled. The most common DISC Myths Myth: disc is […]

DiSC Profile Questionnaire

everything disc solutions questionnaire disc partners

People often wonder what the DiSC questionnaire or survey looks like. Here are some examples. How it used to be : DiSC Profile questionnaires The questions from the DiSC Classic Assessment were quiet different from what you can see nowadays. There were 28 boxes containing four words each. In each box, you were asked to […]

DiSC Testing: computerized adaptive testing

disc personality test at work disc partners

Computerised adaptive testing (CAT) has been introduced to the DiSC assessments. Many people might not even notice, but this responsive testing technique means greater accuracy and an even more personalized profile. DiSC testing: what is adaptive testing? This form of testing adapts to the respondent and the statistical consistency of his answers with regards to […]

DiSC Style : Comparison to others

DiSC style : what is a comparison report ? The Everything DiSC Comparison Report goes together with any of the Everything DiSC profiles that you already know : workplace, sales, management or work of leaders. The comparison report is an additional 11-page free report you can generate on the website. The website is […]