Research, Reliability and Validity

Wiley is the leading publisher of DiSC assessments and accompanying training programs. Over 30 years ago, they pioneered the creation of the first commercially available version of DiSC—from the textbook into the workplace. Today, Wiley DiSC products are used worldwide in thousands of organisations. Wiley is truly “The Source of Everything DiSC.

Wiley’s research and validation studies have made DiSC psychometric assessments reliable: you can confidently use them in any setting and context. Research reports are publicly available (see below) for reference.

Find some of our most popular research reports here

PDF file Research Report for Adaptive Testing
Validity research on  Everything DiSC assessments, including the Comparison Report.

PDF file How My Graph Became a Dot
Everything DiSC circle and dot representation: simpler, intuitive and relevant.

PDF file Everything DiSC 363™ for Leaders
Validation Report

PDF file How Everything DiSC® 363™ for Leaders
White Paper. The research behind the first DiSC 360.

PDF file The Personal Profile System
Comparison: the PPS2800 and preceding instruments. This report sheds an interesting light on the differences in quality between the DiSC Classic 2.0 and some older generation instruments still on the market.

PDF file Inscape Publishing Research Statement
Details Wiley’s (formerly Inscape Publishing) commitment to quality products.

PDF file DISC® Classic Validation Report
  This report covers validation, reliability, validity, norms & scoring of the DiSC Classic profile.

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