Keep learning. Connect with co-workers on myEverythingDiSC.

MyEverythingDiSC is an interactive DiSC online website where you connect with co-workers.

Invite new team members. Create a Comparison Report or a Customer Interaction Map before a sales meeting, on this DiSC online website.

MyEverythingDiSC is a follow up tool and website to learn more.

With MyEverythingDiSC, learners connect with co-workers and others who have completed an Everything DiSC assessment. Prepare for a meeting, present a new project team or learn more about a co-worker: Comparison Reports help individuals understand each other. Those who want to dig deeper into research and theory, can also find what they need on this DiSC online website.

  • Save time & money on administration
  • Interactive and engaging interface
  • Fast and easy setup
  • No cost to use
  • Can be used on tablets and mobile devices
  • Exclusively available to Everything DiSC

The website offers compelling content:

My style
  • Learn more about your DiSC style and what it means working with co-workers who are different.
  • Understand your main contributions and challenges when working with others.
  • Have some fun and see which famous characters from movies, TV, and books share your DiSC style.
My Reports
  • Upload your Everything DiSC profiles and choose which one you’d like as your primary report to share with others.
Comparison Reports
  • Invite co-workers to create Comparison Reports. Manage invitations received from others
  • Build a Comparison for the useful tips on interacting with your coworkers based on your DiSC styles
 Learn about DiSC
  • A convenient place where you can learn more about the history and theory of DiSC.
  • Scroll around the DiSC Map to learn each style’s unique characteristics.
  • Discover the history and evolution of DiSC, from William Marston’s creation of the
    theory to the cutting-edge implementation of adaptive testing and beyond!
  • Review an easy-to-understand summary of the research and theory behind DiSC.
Customer Interaction Maps
  • Discover this perfect sales follow-up space where salespeople create Customer Interaction Maps.
  • Supporting salespeople on improving their relationships with individual customers:
    • Salespeople take free Customer Interaction Maps for each customer
    • They can manage their maps.
My Account
  • Choose how co-workers can search for you—by name, email or nickname.
  • Manage your privacy settings and other account information.
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